Summer - Time to Reach out to Our Communities

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Thursday May 31 2018

More than ever, we have momentum on our campaigns, and a window of opportunity to translate this momentum in to bargaining support, which may become critical in weeks to come.

Summer brings opportunities for Locals to get involved in events and spread our campaign messages: participating in community fairs, movie nights, parades and barbecues are just a few examples of positive and energetic places for actions – and to have a little fun with our neighbours while drumming up support.

Postal Banking and Service Expansion

Our Postal Banking campaign has created a lot of awareness of the potential of postal banking, and a national discussion that has reached Parliament Hill and even the new interim CEO of Canada Post Corporation. People know of all the problems that postal banking could help solve, and what a success it has been around the world. We have to keep pushing until the Federal Government recognizes the same thing and Canada Post acts on it.

The public supports the addition of services, including financial services, at post offices, and the Federal Government’s 2016 postal service review resulted in recommendations for Canada Post to explore service expansion and innovation.

Door-to-Door Delivery

We made Door-To-Door delivery an election issue in 2015 and saved millions of homes from being converted to CMB delivery. But over 840,000 points of call are still living with the door-to-door cuts, and in those communities, we have to keep pushing so MPs are fully aware that their constituents won’t consider the promise kept until the service is restored.

Delivering Community Power

The urgent need to confront climate change is more important than ever and more people realize it’s time for the federal government to  use Crown Corporations to take action to reduce the public sector’s environmental impact.

Launched in February 2016, Delivering Community Power proposes ways to use Canada Post to address climate change while taking on social inequalities at the same time. We have a new Coordinator getting ready to relaunch the proposal. Watch for a relaunch soon and ways to get involved.

Collective Bargaining

Meanwhile, our negotiations are intensifying with Canada Post. As time goes by, it’s more and more important to show Canada Post Corporation our strength – for our campaigns, but also for better working conditions and in our struggle to address our problems in the workplace.

Only when the employer cannot ignore our collective power – and the depth of our public support – will they move significantly from their positions and let our priorities set the agenda.

It Starts With Showing Up

We have to show our friends, neighbours and our politicians that we’re committed to our work and public support is strong.  It’s a great time to get involved with your local, while we’re so close to making major progress and we have a lot on the table in bargaining. Make sure to stay in touch with your local about what’s going in in your area, and please offer some of your time and energy to help with events.

In solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)