Strike Pay: How Much? Who? When?

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Tuesday May 31 2016

Above are the most frequently asked questions with respect to strike pay. Hopefully, the information in this bulletin will assist Locals in administering strike pay.


How Much?

In accordance with section 7.24 of the National Constitution, strike pay has been set at $200 per week. There are no provisions for partial payments in the event the strike lasts less than a seven-day period, or multiple thereof. Strike pay is non-taxable.



All members and members in good standing.  To qualify, each member must participate in strike activities to the level required by their Local.

Strike pay is not compensation for doing picket duty. It is financial assistance for those who are receiving no income from the employer while participating in strike activities. Those on approved injury-on-duty or disability insurance claims should not receive strike pay. The nominal payments for processing and delivering socio-economic assistance cheques do not disqualify members from strike pay.

RAND employees are not entitled to strike pay. RAND employees who sign up with the Union begin to earn credits towards strike pay as of the date they complete the qualification under section1.04 of the National Constitution.

Individuals who have been expelled from the Union are not entitled to strike pay.  While they are not entitled, their participation in strike activities and their support of the goals of the Union are factors to be considered if and when they apply for readmission to the Union.



The National Constitution says that strike pay shall be paid to the member for each week of a strike or lock-out. It goes on to define ‘week’ as a period of seven days or more during which the Local is on strike for five days. In the case of a continuous shut down, strike pay would be payable on the eighth day.

In the case of a rotating strike, payment would be made on the day after the fifth day of strike as long as that is more than seven days after the strike began.

Section 7.26 of the National Constitution states that there shall be no Local strike pay of any kind.

I trust this is satisfactory but if you have any questions or comments, please contact your Regional or National Office.


In solidarity,

Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer