Postal Privatization and Deregulation

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Thursday September 17 2015

This election, we can do something to save our jobs, protect our service to communities and resist postal privatization and deregulation.

Only a few post offices in the world have been fully privatized. But quite a few have been completely deregulated.

If Canada Post were privatized, it would not have to consider the public's interest. A private post office's main goal is to make a profit, not provide services like a public post office.

If Canada Post were deregulated, private companies would have the right to compete for the lucrative letter market but they would not necessarily be obliged to provide universal service like our public post office. The financial crisis resulting from volumes and revenues lost to competition would obviously leave our post office with less money to provide the public with service. There would also be less revenue for decent wages, benefits, working conditions and jobs.

Here is what the governing Conservative Party and other parties think about privatizing and deregulating our post office.

Conservative government: Lisa Raitt, the minister responsible for Canada Post, did not respond to our request for Conservative Party policies and positions relating to postal privatization and deregulation. However, she has publicly stated that there are no plans to privatize Canada Post, while at the same time noting that  “To privatize something, one has to show investors that they will actually get a return on their investments. Currently Canada Post does not fulfill any of that. It has a mandate to be self-sufficient. It is not self-sufficient.”

Documents obtained through an Access to Information (ATI) request suggest Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considering privatizing Canada Post. Harper commissioned research about the selling of postal services, such as Royal Mail, shortly before Canada Post announced its plan to dramatically hike rates and change public postal service as we know it. CUPW has sent three letters to the Prime Minister asking him to assure the public and postal workers that his government has no plans to privatize or deregulate Canada Post. The union has not received any assurances from the Prime Minister.

In 2010, the Conservatives partially deregulated Canada Post by removing the corporation’s exclusive privilege to handle international letters. Canada Post still has the right to handle domestic letters. 

Bloc Québécois: The party opposes the privatization and deregulation of Canada Post.

Green Party: The party opposes the privatization and deregulation of Canada Post.

Liberal Party of Canada: The party opposes postal privatization.

New Democratic Party:  The NDP opposes the privatization and liberalization of Canada Post.



What can you do?

Find out what candidates in your riding have to say about postal privatization and deregulation?

In this election, vote for candidates who support public postal services, not privatization and deregulation.


Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)