Mobilization, Readiness And Action

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Thursday June 23 2016

The first pilot of the workshop Mobilization, Readiness and Action has been a great success! 

Our work is more important than ever. Why? We are fighting for important issues such as pay equity, but so much more is at stake here for the future of postal services. The post office is undergoing a review process. The Canada Post Act says that Canada Post will adapt to the changing communication needs of everyone. Let’s hold true to this.

This requires not only bargaining for a fair work contract but also that we mobilize the communities that support us, and educate the public on the value of the service we provide.

This workshop is designed to build local power, to strengthen our locals, to build our communities, and to expand this national public treasure that is the postal service.

We can do this by turning picket lines into spaces of celebration; and creating magic that will engage and invite support from the public we serve. 

The post office generates yearly revenues in the billions of dollars.

We will not allow a group of shortsighted businessmen to pay themselves bonuses while saying Canada Post is in trouble.

The only trouble in the equation is the people running it.

There is no doubt that bargaining creates uncertainty and stress. Yet there is a great opportunity within our reach to protect and expand this national public treasure.  Postal workers have carried this success on our backs. We deserve respect, decent jobs and the opportunity to shape the future of this national public treasure.

Please advise your Regional Organization and education officer if you wish to run your own Mobilization, Readiness and Action activity. 

This has already started thanks to the members and facilitators of the Woodstock, N.B. local, the fantastic turn out of RSMC members, an executive member from the Fredericton local who stepped up, and to the Quebec and Montreal regions for their recent strategy session for locals.

We are winning. Turn it up. Onward.

In Solidarity,

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President