Earth Day – April 22

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Wednesday April 22 2015

Earth Day was first established in 1970 and is recognized by countries around the world as well as by the United Nations. Unfortunately here at home, there is little to celebrate right now as Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have no plan to tackle climate change, no plan for clean energy and no plan for Canada to compete in tomorrow’s economy. 

The Harper government has done the opposite of what is needed. In fact, the government’s own reports are clear that it would take nothing short of a miracle to meet our inadequate 2020 climate goals. Instead, the federal government has: 

  • Blocked Clean Energy at Home 
  • Blocked Clean Energy Abroad 
  • Broken Promises at Home 
  • Broken Promises Internationally 
  • Muzzled Climate Scientists 
  • Dismantled Environmental Laws 
  • Fought a Public Relations Battle Rather than Battling Pollution or Creating Jobs 
  • Continued to Subsidize Big Oil 

Not only on Earth Day, but every day, we need to keep the pressure on the Harper government. Although the Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has yet to take meaningful action on climate change, as Canadians, we now see that the world should have acted a long time ago. 

Fortunately, the solutions are at hand: 

  • Public transit 
  • High speed rail 
  • Green homes and buildings 
  • Renewable energy (wind and solar) 

Let’s make this the generation that turns it all around! 


Serge Champoux
National Union Representative - Health and Safety (2008-2015)
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