CUPW on Trans Pacific Partnership

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Thursday October 8 2015

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says the Harper government has no right to conclude a trade deal that could undermine Canada Post during a federal election in which saving public postal services has become a key election issue.

The newly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership contains provisions affecting state-owned enterprises, such as Canada Post, that could erode the viability of our public postal service, or open the door to privatization or liberalization.

“Harper’s Conservatives are not friends of public postal service, so we’re concerned,” said CUPW National President Mike Palecek.

“The government has not released the TPP text, so we don’t know the details, said Palecek.  “But we do know the future of our public postal service should not be determined through the back-door of a trade agreement that no one has seen.”

“The information on state-owned enterprises that we have seen is concerning”, said Palecek.  “It indicates Canada Post will face much more regulation. If these regulations are anything like they are in other countries, they will benefit private sector competitors and tie Canada Post’s hands at a time when the post office needs to expand in order to survive.”

“At the very least, we need public input and a democratic discussion on the TPP and its implications for public postal service, not a secret trade deal that has the potential to undermine democracy and our public services,” said Palecek.


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