Retirement Security Now! Campaign Resolution - National Organization of Retired Postal Workers (NORPW)

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Sunday October 20 2019
WHEREAS The existing retirement income system in Canada has failed to deliver secure and adequate retirement incomes for most workers, and particularly Indigenous people, women, and all those who face discrimination and disadvantage in the formal, paid workforce; and

WHEREAS Employer and government attacks on secure, ‘Defined Benefit’ type pension plans continue to grow and intensify, including through legislative measures that undercut the Defined Benefit model (such as the federal Liberals’ Bill C-27); and 

WHEREAS The current federal Liberal government opposed the greatly needed doubling of the Canada Pension Plan benefits, and pushed ahead with a very minimal expansion of the CPP that is inadequate, slow to take full effect, and includes a degraded structure for the disability and child-rearing drop-out provisions; and 

WHEREAS The Old Age Security (OAS) basic retirement pension benefit has not been improved (beyond price indexation) since 1974 and therefore has been shrinking in comparison to average wages and GDP; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Organization of Retired Postal Workers (NORPW) will commit to supporting the “Retirement Security Now!” campaign of the Ottawa Committee for Pension Security, including the provision and online publication of relevant educational documents for the benefit of their members.