Member-To-Member Connection (Winter 2015)

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Friday January 8 2016

Member-To-Member Connection (Winter 2015)Meet our son Bryce

who just turned 16 years old...6 ft 4 and only 16....yikes!


Fourteen years ago my wife had just received Bryce’s autism and developmental delay diagnosis and were advised that he should attend day care everyday to receive one-on-one intervention. We were expecting our second child in only a few weeks and wondered how we could swing full time care with one of us off work. Then we learned about the Special Needs Project. With that funding Bryce was able to get the intervention he needed. Since then this program has helped us, and Bryce, in many ways. As you are all very aware, our lives, at times, are challenging and this program helps to ease a part of the burden. This program not only helps financially but the communication with our advisor and the administration staff has always been a source of support and guidance. Thanks so much for that. We look forward to each newsletter and read all the stories.

We want to give a special thanks to our advisor, Bernadette, who is retiring. Thanks for your support, encouragement, ideas and just listening. All the best to you.

Letter Carrier
Sydney, NS