CUPW Shop Stewards' Manual -- Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers<br />

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Sunday June 20 2004

This manual has been produced to assist you in your role as a CUPW shop steward. Read it carefully and carry it with you for easy reference. This manual won't tell you everything you need to know to do your job well, but it is a good start. However, you should also get to know your collective agreement, the CUPW national constitution and policies, your local by-laws and the Canada Labour Code. Of course, no one expects one person to know everything. Other stewards, local union officers and regional officers are all excellent resources. If you need help or information, never hesitate to ask for help. We are all here to ensure the best possible representation for CUPW members.

The best stewards treat all workers equally regardless of personal likes or dislikes, respect the privilege and confidentiality of communication with members, and do not make promises they cannot keep. If you bring a willingness to learn, a commitment to work collectively with others in the union, and a sense of responsibility to the position, you will serve your brothers and sisters well and earn their respect.

As a steward, you will be widely recognised as a representative of CUPW, not only by other members, but also by management, at labour events, and in the community at large. Your daily contact with workers may be the most tangible contact they have with the union. For some, you may be the only personal contact they have. Your interactions will have a strong influence on the way they feel about CUPW. Competent stewards who fight for the best interests of workers against the power of corporate interests are truly the key to union organization. By providing your co-workers with good representation, good information and good leadership, you help strengthen the solidarity of CUPW members from coast to coast.