Ilebrekke Kindergarten – Tønsberg Norway

Tuesday October 29 2019

Photo of green bins. Each bin contains a block with painted dots on it.

What could the children at the Ilebrekke child care centre be getting ready for?

Over the last month the children have been engaged in a project to explore the work of contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama (famous for her polka-dot installations).

Each green bin contains a block with dots the children themselves have painted on. Once the children find their, block they climb into their bin and await a visit from the mythical figure Mulla.

Photo of child care worker with children.

Teachers at the centre are aware of the need to explore a variety of ways of communicating with children. Mulla arrives into the classroom to help the children learn more about Kusama without the use of words. Though the children have a good hunch that Mulla is one of their beloved teachers Elizabeth, they gleefully play along and can’t wait for her next visit.

The children were given polka-dots and they were sticking them onto each other, the teachers, and things in the classroom. Even the visitors from Canada were welcomed when the children began to put polka-dots on them.

What an exciting way to learn!

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