Jane Beach, Child Care Research and Policy Consultant

Jane Beach, Child Care Research and Policy ConsultantJane Beach is an early childhood education and care (ECEC) research and policy consultant, based in Victoria, British Columbia. Over the past 25 years, Jane’s consulting work has ranged from large-scale national and international studies on various aspects of child care policy to local child care planning and organizational reviews.

She has been co-lead for several pan-Canadian initiatives focused on human resources in the ECEC sector, including two ECEC sector studies, the development of a training strategy for the early childhood sector, a study on the various pathways to ECE credentialing across the country, a study of emerging issues in child care, and the You Bet We Still Care! Canada-wide survey of wages and working conditions of staff and employers working in licensed group care. She was also a member of the Child Care Human Resources Sector Council’s Expert Panel for Labour Market Information and Research Agenda project.

Jane was co-lead on a comprehensive policy review and strategic policy development for the province of Manitoba and was the lead on a comprehensive policy review and development of a renewed policy agenda for the City of Vancouver’s investments in ECEC. She has been a researcher and co-author of five editions of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada, which compiles comparative data and policies in ECEC from each province and territory.

On an international level, Jane was the ECEC policy specialist on the Early Childhood Education Enhancement Project (ECEEP) in Egypt, where she undertook the first human resources study on kindergarten teachers and child care staff; she was a member of the research team and co-author of the Canada Background Report for the OECD Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Jane has been ECEC consultant to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) for the past 24 years, undertaking child care needs assessments, and the development and evaluation of CUPW child care projects across the country.

Prior to her work as a policy and research consultant, Jane worked on ECEC in two provincial governments, in municipal government, and in the voluntary and private sectors.