“Another world is needed. Together, it is possible.” - World Social Forum - Montreal, August 9-14, 2016

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Sunday June 5 2016

The World Social Forum (WSF) 2016 is described as follows on the event’s website:

“The goal of the WSF 2016 is to gather tens of thousands of people from groups in civil society, organizations and social movements who want to build a sustainable and inclusive world, where every person and every people has its place and can make its voice heard.”

CUPW Will Be There

Since the very first edition of the WSF in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2001, CUPW has sent delegations to this great social gathering. It’s an opportunity to share our struggles and projects, talk about challenges faced by workers all over the globe, build ties, and find common ground. And it will be the case once again this year.

At the WSF 2016, CUPW will host two workshops open to all participants. The first one will focus on postal banking (Postal Bank, Social Bank), and the second on the Delivering Community Power initiative. We will also have a table on the various CUPW campaigns. Other activities and events will be added in the coming weeks.

The “Labour Zone”

This year, the labour movement will have its own space at the WSF called the “labour zone.” It will be a meeting space for workers from all over the world. All the Quebec labour centrals are directly involved in the organization of this edition of the WSF, and the Canadian Labour Congress has lent its support. An invitation was sent out to all labour organizations worldwide. We can look forward to many interesting debates!

You Are Invited!

So the invitation is made! If you are interested, if you are available, if you are on annual leave, don’t hesitate to participate in the WSF. There will be activities for everyone.

For more information, please visit the Forum’s website at: fsm2016.org/en

Further details will follow.

The World Social Forum 2016: an event you won’t want to miss!

Denis Lemelin
National Union Representative - Under direction of NEC (2015-2019)