Election 2015: Debates, Positions, and Fact-Checking

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Wednesday October 14 2015

Federal politicians are giving confusing information – maybe sometimes intentionally – about where your parties and candidates stand on cuts to Canada Post.


Harper Misleading

Postal Service came up in the last federal leaders’ debate on October 2.

Stephen Harper said a) that 2/3 of residents already have community mailboxes, and b) that they’re happy with them. a) false and b) false. But then, when did Stephen Harper worry about accurate statistics or consulting people?

a) About 1/3 of residents had CMBs before December 2013 when the cuts were announced. About 1/3 had door-to-door delivery. For the rest, other delivery modes include apartment building lobbies, rural delivery (to the lot line), a P.O. box, or general delivery at a post office.

b) Residents with CMBs experience problems like personal safety issues and injuries, mail theft, vandalism, lack of snow removal, and litter among others.


Duceppe Steps Up

In the same debate, Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Québecois leader, expressed his concerns about his mother losing door-to-door delivery, and the fact that Canada Post keeps making profits – the losses that were supposed to justify the cuts have not become reality. He also reminded Harper that Canada Post failed to consult with municipalities before implementing the cuts.


Promises not all the same

The Liberal Party has promised to halt the conversions and review Canada Post's business plan. The New Democratic Party is the only major federal party to promise to restore door-to-door delivery in communities converted since December 2013.


Report Card

Remember, CUPW has prepared a Report Card rating the main five parties’ positions on postal service, and you can find it among other resources at http://www.cupw.ca/en/campaigns-and-issues/federal-election-2015


Please vote on October 19! So much depends on the result, including the context of this round of bargaining with Canada Post.


In solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President