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“Liberals, Bring Back Our Home Delivery for the Holidays,” Union Urges

Friday December 4 2015

For Immediate Release

Judy Foote, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, told the Journal de Montréal today that she cannot confirm that those who have lost their home delivery will have it restored.

In response, the union representing postal workers cited numerous media reports that the new U.S.-designed community mailboxes are freezing shut, even as winter is just beginning.

“It’s not too late to bring back our home delivery for the holidays,” said Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, pointing out that the carriers who deliver those routes are still working for Canada Post.

“The longer we wait to restore door-to-door, the more difficult it will be.”

Minister Foote’s announcement that a review of Canada Post’s mandate is being prepared in a few months’ time was welcomed by the union, which is advocating for a public process that will put a postal bank back on the table.

“Canada’s big banks just reported a whopping combined profit of $35 billion,” said Palecek. “Even a tiny fraction of that money could help fund better public postal services for everyone.”

CUPW is hoping the new Liberal government will finally share a heavily censored postal banking study that the previous government refused to discuss.

“When banks are reporting $35 billion in profits, but we’re paying some of the highest bank and ATM fees in the world and nearly 2 million of us are resorting to payday lenders, it’s time to talk about a public option,” said Palecek.


For more information, contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications, 613-327-1177 or

CUPW Calls On Canada Post to Stop Defeated Conservatives’ Delivery Cuts

Wednesday October 21 2015

For Immediate Release                  

OTTAWA - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is calling for an immediate halt to the door-to-delivery cuts scheduled in the coming weeks prior to the Liberals forming the new government.

“The postal cuts were driven by the Conservatives. Now they are no longer in power, it’s time to hit the brakes,” said Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Several neighbourhood conversions to the controversial group mailboxes were scheduled on October 19th, Election Day and still more are slated for November.

The union fears that Canada Post will forge ahead with its plan prior to the Liberal majority government taking the reins.

“We need to stop the cuts before more jobs are lost, before more damage is done to property and before more people lose this service,” said Palecek.

The Liberals campaigned on an election promise to stop the cuts to home mail delivery and hold a review of Canada Post. These commitments have been welcomed by the union, but representatives say the Liberals need to move quickly and instruct Canada Post to call a halt.

“Many seniors, people with disabilities and others voted for the Liberals because they promised to stop the cuts to door-to-door delivery," said Palecek.

"It would be wrong for Canada Post to continue down this road now that the Liberals have been elected and the people have clearly spoken on this issue.”



For more information, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications, at 613-327-1177.

Conservative Candidate Uses Union Logo for Canada Post Ad: Cheryl Gallant Accused of "A Steady Stream of Lies" by CUPW

Thursday October 15 2015

For immediate distribution 

OTTAWA – Postal workers and Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke voters are up in arms over an ad circulated by Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant in at least one local newspaper.

Ms. Gallant, who voted down an NDP motion in support of door-to-door delivery in January 2014, placed a full-colour ad in the North Renfrew Times on October 14, 2015, declaring that she would "Save Canada Post," a reference to the popular Canadian Union of Postal Workers campaign against Conservative-backed cuts to postal service.

The ad features the CUPW's Save Canada Post artwork and logo which has appeared on lawn and window signs across the country.

It also contains a series of falsehoods about the Conservative position on the postal cuts, including the claim that there will be no job losses. Canada Post estimates 8000 jobs will be lost due to the cuts.

"I guess we're doing something right if Conservatives are stealing our logo," said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. "But it's just plain wrong for the people who are cutting the service to use our campaign logo to fuel their steady stream of lies about it."

The union learned of the ad while holding a Petawawa town hall on cuts to postal service. 

Ms. Gallant was the only federal candidate who did not bother to show up.

Since June, the CUPW has been trying to get Gallant to retract other false statements she has made about admail and the environment. Gallant has ignored the union.

The CUPW is exploring legal action to stop the deceptive use of its logo.


The ad features the CUPW's Save Canada Post artwork and logo which has appeared on lawn and window signs across the country.

For more information, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications at or 613-327-1177


Save Canada Post Campaign in Québec for the Run-Up to Election Day

Friday October 9 2015

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers are taking their Save Canada Post campaign tour to La Belle Province as Election Day draws closer. Postal workers are encouraging people to fight back against cuts to postal service by voting out the Conservatives who have been behind the cuts.

Stops are as follows:

Saturday October 10th

  • 9 am -  Campaign office of Karine Trudel, NDP candidate – 2196 St-Dominique, Jonquière.


Sunday October 11th

  • 9 am-   Dolbeau – 1100 boul. Walberg
  • 11 am- Press conference with opposition parties and CUPW National Union Representative Denis Lemelin


Monday October 12th

  • 8 am, noon -    Festival de l’oie blanche de Montmagny
  • 3 pm-             Rivière-du-Loup – shopping mall and “Parc de la Pointe”


Tuesday October 13th

  • 1:30 pm -        Québec City
  • 3:30 pm -        Press conference with Serge Cadieux (FTQ) and Magali Picard (AFPC)


Wednesday October 14th

  • 10h30 am -      St-Agapit – 1159 rue Principale, Carrefour jeunesse emploi – World March of Women


Thursday October 15th

  • Victoriaville -  Details TBA


Friday October 16th

  • Ste-Thérèse -   Details TBA
  • Montreal -       1 pm press conference



More details may be posted at

For a more detailed tour itinerary, media interviews or further information, please contact Magali Giroux at 514-467-1940.

Call the Caravan directly at 613-293-0308


Posties on the Road Again in Southern Ontario

Monday September 28 2015

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ cross-country tour is swinging into Southern Ontario this week, encouraging people to fight back against the cuts to their postal service by voting out the Conservatives.

Among the planned stops will be Jeff Watson’s riding in Windsor, Ontario. “As Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Watson has been instrumental in attacking our money-making postal service,” said Mike Palecek, National President of CUPW, who will be aboard the Save Canada Post bus. “We hope he will be held accountable by his constituents.”

Stops for the days ahead are as follows:

Monday September 28th

  • London
  • Stratford - Presentation to Stratford Mayor and Council


Tuesday September 29th

  • Kitchener, Ontario – Photo-op in location TBA

Wednesday September 30th

  • Niagara Falls – Canvassing


Thursday October 1st

  • St. Catharines – table near Brock University TBA


Friday October 2nd

  • Brantford – Farmer’s Market
  • Windsor


Saturday October 3rd

Windsor – details TBA


Monday October 5th

  • Toronto – Press conference, 9h am


Tuesday October 6th

  • Hamilton, Ontario


Wednesday October 7th

  • Belleville, Ontario





More details may be posted at

 For a more detailed tour itinerary, media interviews or further information, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications – or 613-327-1177. Save Canada Post from Coast to Coast tour: 613-293-0308 #savecanadapost

Media Advisories

SAVE Canada Post Caravan in Montreal

Friday October 16 2015

Attention Assignment Editor

For Immediate Release          

MONTREAL – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers with the Save Canada Post bus will be holding a media conference in front of Montreal City Hall today.

WHAT: Media conference 

WHO: Speakers will include:

    • Benoit Dorais, Borough Mayor
    • NDP candidate, Alexandre Boulerice
    • Bloc Québecois candidate, Simon Marchand
    • Representatives of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

WHEN: Friday, October 16, 1 pm.


WHERE: Montreal City Hall, 275 Rue Notre-Dame E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1C6




For media interviews or further information, please contact Magali Giroux at 514-467-1940 or Kevin Matthews at 613-293-0547


CUPW and allies raise awareness in Quebec City

Tuesday October 13 2015

Media Advisory

OTTAWA – The coast-to-coast Save Canada Post caravan is in Quebec City today, as the final week of federal election campaigning begins. Allies from the labour movement join postal workers to make sure the postal cuts are top of mind for voters in Quebec City on October 19.

Daniel Caron, NDP candidate for the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent has confirmed attendance.



What:        Media conference


Who:          Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Fédération des travailleurs du Quebec, Public Service Alliance of Canada, and allies.


Speakers:   Magali Picard, Public Service Alliance of Canada – Quebec; Magali Giroux, Save Canada Post Campaign coordinator, CUPW


Where:      FTQ office, 5000 boulevard des Gradins, Quebec


When:        4 p.m.




For media interviews or further information, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications – or 613-327-1177. 

Save Canada Post Caravan in Timmins, North Bay and Scarborough

Tuesday September 1 2015

For Immediate Release


OTTAWA - The Save Canada Post Caravan will be rolling into Timmins, North Bay and Scarborough this week.

Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, will be meeting with members, supporters and the media to hand out lawn and window signs and collect petitions at scheduled stops as the campaign to stop postal cuts continues to gather momentum. “Everywhere we go, we’re getting massive support and have collected thousands of signatures,” said Palecek. “People are telling us they value their public postal service and they want to keep it.”

The caravan will be stopping in Timmins at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 1st in front of the post office on Second Avenue. Palecek and local NDP candidate Charlie Angus will be on hand for interviews.

In North Bay, a town hall meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 4: 30 p.m. at the Best Western, 700 Lakeshore Drive. All federal candidates have been invited to attend.

In Scarborough, a Save Door-to-Door rally is being held in front of MP Roxanne James’s office at 2641 Lawrence avenue East on Friday September 4th, from 12: 00 to 1:00 p.m.  James voted down the NDP motion to save home delivery.


For more information, or to arrange interviews, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW communications, at 613-293-0547 or 

In Scarborough, contact Derek Richmond at 416 809 7632.

Save Canada Post Caravan Ploughs Through The Prairies

Thursday August 6 2015

Media Advisory

From now until August 15, the Save Canada Post coast-to-coast RV is cultivating support and mobilizing postal workers across the Prairies to oppose the Conservative-supported cuts to our public postal service. We’re even bringing the issue back to Prime Minister Harper’s constituency in Calgary.


Mike Palecek, CUPW National President, will hold workplace meetings with postal workers, and public events are scheduled in each of these locations:  

  • August 6-8:     Winnipeg
  • August 8-9:     Regina
  • August 10:11:  Saskatoon
  • August 11-13: Edmonton
  • August 13        Red Deer
  • August 1314:   Calgary
  • August 14-16: Lethbridge 

Stay tuned: More details may be posted as events develop at and we encourage everyone to sign up for email updates at

The Pacific leg of the tour will follow; details will be released soon.


To arrange interviews and photo opportunities, please contact CUPW media relations at 613-236-7238 or

Nation-wide Save Canada Post Tour to Launch Wednesday

Tuesday July 14 2015

Media Advisory                                                                                        

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is hitting the road to bring the Save Canada Post campaign to voters and postal workers across the land. The union kicks off its nation-wide caravan this Wednesday in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


What: Official kick-off of Save Canada Post campaign tour.

    • Photo opportunity with RV as it embarks on its coast-to-coast journey.

Who: Postal workers and community allies available for interviews: Mike Palecek, CUPW National President

When and where: Wednesday July 15, 2015

    • 11 a.m. – photo opportunity at Cape Spear National Historic Site
    • 5 p.m. – public meeting at post office, 98 Kenmount Road




For additional information or to schedule an interview, contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications, 613-327-1177,


St-Thérèse, QC

Friday October 16 2015

Read more

Montreal, QC

Friday October 16 2015

Read more

Victoriaville, QC

Thursday October 15 2015

Read more

Lévis, QC

Wednesday October 14 2015

Read more

Louis St-Laurent, QC

Tuesday October 13 2015

Read more

Campaign Updates

Oakville Meeting

Monday April 7 2014

Read more

Canvassing in Scarborough

Saturday April 12 2014

Read more

Canvassing In St-Eustache

Saturday April 12 2014

Read more

Scarborough Public Meeting

Wednesday April 16 2014

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Postal Privatization and Deregulation - Questions and Answers

Friday January 30 2015


What does privatizing a post office mean?

Privatisation means selling a public post office to the private sector by selling shares to private investors. Once shares are sold to anyone - even employees - a post office is under pressure to make profits to satisfy investors.  In other words, a privatized post office’s main goal is to make profits, not provide service to the public.

A post office may also be privatized, through the back door, by contracting out certain postal services and jobs to the private sector.

Is the public in favour of postal privatization?

No. The government’s Canada Post Corporation Strategic Review revealed that “there appears to be little to no public support for the privatisation or deregulation of Canada Post at this time, and considerable if not unanimous support for the maintenance of a quality, affordable universal service for all Canadians and communities.” 

please download the PDF for full Q & A


What does deregulating a post office mean?

Deregulation means reducing or removing a post office’s monopoly.

Post office monopoly: No post office has a true monopoly on mail.  A postal monopoly (also called a reserved service area or exclusive privilege) simply gives a post office the exclusive right to deliver certain kinds of mail. For example, Canada Post has a monopoly or exclusive privilege to deliver letters. A letter is defined as “one or more messages or information in any form, the total mass of which, if any, does not exceed 500 g, whether or not enclosed in an envelope, that is intended for collection or for transmission or delivery to any addressee as one item...” Some countries have monopolies that extend beyond letters. 

The scope of the monopoly is usually limited to some degree.  Some letter monopolies allow messengers to deliver letters that are above a certain weight.  Others allow messengers to deliver letters as long as they charge an amount that is, for example, two or more times the basic letter rate.  Some monopolies are defined by a combination of weight and price.

In Canada, anyone can deliver letters as long as they charge a fee that is three times the regular rate for letters weighing fifty grams ($3.60 as of January 7, 2015).

Is the public in favour of deregulation?

No. The government’s Canada Post Corporation Strategic Review found that: “there appears to be little to no public support for the privatisation or deregulation of Canada Post at this time, and considerable if not unanimous support for the maintenance of a quality, affordable universal service for all Canadians and communities.”

Moreover, submissions to the strategic review showed there is widespread opposition to deregulation, including the public, major postal users, many federal politicians and municipal representatives as well as groups representing seniors, rural residents, people with disabilities, labour, students and civil society.

Municipalities are especially adamant in their opposition.

Five hundred forty-three (543) of the 653 municipalities that made submissions during the strategic review of Canada Post said they opposed deregulation. Another 26 municipalities said they were concerned. Only one municipality supported deregulation.

please download the PDF for full Q & A

Postal Privatization and Deregulation - Questions and Answers

A Human Factor

Monday December 15 2014

A member of CUPW's Sherbrooke local has created a website entitled A Human Factor. This site allows people to post their comments in support of public postal services and the CUPW campaign to Save Canada Post.

Human Factor

Human Factor

Community Mailboxes Will Hurt Residential Property Values

Thursday September 25 2014

Postal service cuts are coming to people’s homes, and they may be wondering what the impact will be.

Canada Post intends to install and use Community Mailboxes (CMBs) where homes currently have door-to-door delivery. The plan will affect both postal workers and users, so the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) wanted to find out how much the CMB plan could cost homeowners. Earlier this year, CUPW investigated how CMBs might affect residential property values. 

We learned there is more than one way to find whether something would influence a home’s market value.
One method is called the direct comparison approach. This approach suggests that yes, a CMB installation would probably reduce a home’s value: if you had a choice between two homes, one with and one without a CMB there, other factors being equal, it’s reasonable to think you would prefer the one without.  So you would likely pay more for that one. 

But this direct comparison approach doesn’t put a dollar figure on the impact. 

Another method, a “before and after” method of appraisal would help determine the amount of the devaluation, but this kind of data isn’t available yet, because there aren’t yet any residential properties in Canada that have had CMBs added to their property. In other words, Canada Post is in unknown territory, and no-one can accurately predict the cost.



Why would someone rather buy a house without a CMB – or one without a CMB right next door?

Because of: 

  • the associated increase in traffic and noise;
  • the nuisance of vehicles stopped and idling there;
  • debris and litter;
  • loss of privacy;
  • decreased curb appeal;
  • and vandalism concerns, among other possible reasons


CUPW has questions

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) maintains it has the right to impose its new mailboxes on people and doesn’t have to give them any choice in the matter. Representatives of CPC have met with affected residents to tell them this is how things will be. 

But they’re leaving some important questions unanswered. 

Should a residential property owner seek compensation? Are they being misled to believe they have no choice? What will they do about the costs of cleaning and maintaining the property if/when Canada Post fails to adequately maintain the CMB area? What if someone should be injured or cause other liability on a homeowner’s property? 

Canada Post’s plan makes homeowners and the public pay for the costs, while cutting services. Offering less for more isn’t a good plan. 

If you, your friends and family, or the public have questions about this issue, please ask them to go to or call toll free 855-878-7111 to get more information and join the campaign to Save Canada Post.

In Solidarity, 

Denis Lemelin
National President

2011-2015 / Bulletin #321

Community Mailboxes Will Hurt Residential Property Values

A Better Public Postal Service For Everyone!: It's Time.

Monday March 17 2014

Canada Post belongs to all of us - not just the federal politicians and the large corporate mailers, and certainly not just post office management.

We believe it's time to get back to the basics. We want improvements instead of unnecessary cutbacks. It's time Canada Post redirect itself to meeting the needs of the people.

Fair postage rates:
Recently the Conservatives authorized increases of 35% to 59% for individuals. The increases for business mailers were 15% to 19%. That's not fair. Postage rates should be affordable and equal for everyone.

Accessible delivery:
The Conservative government is supporting Canada Post's plan to eliminate door-to-door delivery to more than 5 million homes. This will cause serious problems for people with restricted mobility. Canada Post should maintain door-to-door delivery and convert to more door-to-door delivery as finances permit. It's time to put people first!

Maintaining rural and urban post offices:
Canada Post management has been closing post offices. It's time to make better use of the largest retail network in the country to provide more services to the public.

Re-introducing financial services:
It's time for Canada Post to follow the example of postal services in countries such as Switzerland, France, the UK and Italy and use its network to provide banking and financial services.

Transparency and accountability:
Back-room meetings and secret studies have to end. We need real consultation. Canada Post's 800-page secret study described postal banking as a "win-win" strategy. It's time for truth instead of cover-ups and spin.

A greener post:
Canada Post is an environmentally positive option for parcels and courier items. It's time to consolidate delivery services for consumers and reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Respect and decent working conditions:
Postal workers deserve safe and healthy working conditions. It's time to make this a priority.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has a better plan for Canada Post. Join us and help us make this happen.

A Better Public Postal Service For Everyone!: It's Time.

Canada Post and Conference Board Myths Debunked

Monday December 16 2013

Canada Post and the Conference Board of Canada have been out there talking about how much money the post office is losing or about to lose. We are told that the post office's financial situation is the reason the corporation has to make deep cuts, such as eliminating door-to-door-delivery and destroying jobs. Apparently, cutting is the corporation's only option. Read on to find out what's a fact and what's a myth:

1. Canada Post says it has lost lots of money.

Yes, Canada Post is facing financial difficulties, but these difficulties have been exaggerated to prepare the public for major cuts. The corporation lost money in 2011 after being profitable for 16 years.
It returned to profitability in 2012. The loss in 2011 was largely due to one-time costs - a pay equity settlement and a benefit increase due to a pension adjustment. It is unclear what the corporation's financial situation is this year.

2. A report by the Conference Board of Canada on the future of Canada Post says our post office is expected to lose close to $1 billion annually by 2020.

The $1 billion loss figure was based on the assumption that Canada Post would lose $250 million in 2012. In fact, the corporation earned $98 million in (before tax) profit. Incidentally, the Conference Board's report was paid for by Canada Post. Not only that, the president of Canada Post sits on the Board of Directors of the Conference Board of Canada.

3. Canada Post says that only one third of households still get door-to-door delivery (Underlying message: They are a pampered few). The media has interpreted this to mean that two thirds of households don't get home delivery.

The fact is that close to two thirds of households (63%) in our country currently get home delivery.

While 33% of households receive door-to-door delivery, another 25% get mail delivered to the entrance of their apartment building and another 5% get delivery to their homes by way of a rural mailbox.

Only 25% of households receive delivery to a community mailbox, group mailbox or kiosk.

Another 12% get their mail through a postal box or by general delivery at a post office.

4. The Conference Board's report claims that Canada’s ‘highly developed financial service sector’ would prevent our post office from making significant profits from postal banking like other postal administrations.

The report acknowledges that financial services have been lucrative for many postal administrations. It specifically mentions Swiss Post while failing to mention that Switzerland also has a highly developed financial service sector.

PostFinance generated 71% of Swiss Post’s operating profits in 2012 while Kiwibank generated 70% of New Zealand Post’s profits and the banking and insurance arms of the Italian post office brought in 67% of total profits

The facts speak for themselves.

Canada Post and Conference Board Myths Debunked